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A-1 Energy Audits is dedicated to giving you professional service  and helping educate consumers who want to improve their energy consumption.As of June 1st 2009 the City of Austin is requiring that a mandatory home energy audit be performed on any home before the point of sale that is ten years old or older, within the city limits and is a customer of Austin Energy. The main focus of the home energy audits will be attic insulation,heating and cooling air duct systems,air infiltration and windows.Although upgrades are not mandatory,recommendations will be given to help make your home more energy efficient and improve indoor air quality. Rebates and tax credits are available if you choose to have certain upgrades done to your home.A-1 Energy Audits is a third party energy audit company that is only interested in helping you save energy.We do not do upgrades but will recommend city approved contractors at your request.Non-compliance with the ECAD ordinance will carry a class C misdemeanor. A-1 Energy Audits uses BPI licensed,insured auditors that are ready to teach you how to increase your homes energy efficiency, decrease your carbon footprint and save you money. Call us today!

                                               A-1 ENERGY AUDITS

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Watch a video of a duct blaster test!

  • Home is less than ten years old
  • Home is not in Austin city limits
  • Home is not a customer of Austin Energy
  • Home has participated in the Austin Energy Home Performance with Energy Star Program and performed at least three of the efficiency measures, or received a rebate of more than $500
  • Home has participated in the Austin Energy Free Weatherization Program
  • The purchaser has agreed in writing to participate in Austin Energy's Free Weatherization Program not later than six months after the sale
  • The home is manufactured housing and has no permanent foundation
  • Transfers of title through a foreclosure sale,trustees sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure
  • Transfer of title by a short sale
  • Transfer of title through the exercise of eminent domain
  • Transfer of title from one family member to another
  • Transfer of title under a court order or probate proceedings
  • Transfer of title under a decree of legal separation or dissolution of marriage


  • Application for a permit to substantially remodel or demolish the home will be filed not later than six months after the time of sale; and in the case of the remodel, the owner and the purchaser have entered into a binding agreement where the purchaser agrees to complete an energy audit within a specified period of time after remodel of the facility is complete

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